Course Description

"90 Days to Diet Free" Program

Tracie created the No Diet Method for weight loss.  Yes, NO DIET! :-)  She integrated many methods, along with tried and true systems, together into one program that allows you to actually design your own No Diet Method.  No more focusing on food, no more guilt every time you put something in your mouth!

Yes!  Dieting causes weight gain!

Dieting totally sucks!  Why do you weigh more today than you did before you started dieting years ago?  Let's explore what the "you need to be on a diet" experts say, and make sure you keep reading to see why their sales pitch only keeps you fat, and them in business.

"You need a new diet" so the so called experts say...

  • Make sure you eat less calories than you burn (Have you figured that one out?)
  • Eat more lean meat, cut back on carbs
  • Don't eat meat, it is bad for your heart
  • Eat whole grains, they fill you up, have more nutrition and good for bowels
  • Don't eat grains! That is why you have a "wheat belly"
  • "This" herbal blend we sell will allow you to eat what you want and lose weight
  • Dr's say "This" herbal blend causes this health issue

You have tried "this expert's advice" and you have tried "that" miracle product over and over and over again and yet you are STILL overweight!

If dieting and diet pills work, why are you still dieting and taking pills?

Okay, so let's see why following all the expert dieting advice has NOT helped you stop dieting and why you are STILL looking for the magic diet or pill to help you lose weight.

Scientific studies show...

  • "For most people, dieting doesn't lead to weight loss that lasts," says Traci Mann PhD, University of Minnesota.
  • In the most complete analysis of weight-loss studies to date, Tracie Mann found that most people regain all the pounds they dropped, and up to two-thirds gain even more!
  • After dieting, most people regained a substantial amount of weight back and many felt hungrier and more food obsessed than before the diet.  Findings from a study by Joseph Proietto, University of Melbourne.

" That's because, according to the study, the participants' brains released hormones making them feel like they were starving. Their metabolisms also slowed and more of the food they ate was stored as fat." J Proietto

  • Will you lose weight and keep it off if you diet? No, probably not, UCLA researchers report in the April issue of American Psychologist, the journal of the American Psychological Association.
  • "Several studies indicate that dieting is actually a consistent predictor of future weight gain," said Janet Tomiyama, a UCLA graduate student of psychology and co-author of the study. One study found that both men and women who participated in formal weight-loss programs gained significantly more weight over a two-year period than those who had not participated in a weight-loss program, she said.
  • "Diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people" T Mann PhD  (Mann and her co-authors conducted the most comprehensive and rigorous analysis of diet studies, analyzing 31 long-term studies.)

So what is the answer?  Are you destined to feeling guilty about everything you eat, avoid looking in the mirror at your body, being tired and depressed, unhealthy and fat (and gaining more year after year) until you die? No, there IS an answer to the dieting madness!  You just need to change all your subconscious programs that are keeping you fat.   You don't need more will power, that just means you are trying to overpower your will, and that will never work for long. Your subconscious mind is working against you.  You want to lose weight,  but you have internal programs running that are holding you back.

Typical subconscious programs:

  • It's in my genes to be fat
  • I will always be on a diet
  • I won't enjoy eating if I want to stay thin
  • It is scary to be attractive the opposite sex
  • My overweight friends will reject me
  • Thin people are judgemental
  • Losing weight is really hard
  • Dieting is the only way to lose weight

In fact, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton’s research, (among numerous other scientist's research)  indicates that by changing your perception, your mind can alter the activity of your genes and create over thirty thousand variations of products from each gene.

Dr. Lipton gives more detail by saying that the gene programs are contained within the nucleus of the cell, and you can rewrite those genetic programs through changing your blood chemistry. “The function of the mind is to create coherence between our beliefs and the reality we experience,” Dr. Lipton said. “What that means is that your mind will adjust the body’s biology and behavior to fit with your beliefs."

Dr. Lipton's research points to a three-part system: there’s the part of you that swears it wants to lose weight (the conscious mind), trumped by the part that believes it is hard to lose weight or not emotionally safe (negative events in your life, all the "expert" advice you have been told is mediated by the subconscious mind), which then throws into gear the chemical reaction (mediated by the brain’s chemistry) to make sure the body conforms to the dominant belief. (Neuroscience has recognized that the subconscious controls 95 percent of our lives.)

Change your thought life, change the messages running in the background that keep you dieting and certainly change your stressed reactions to negative events so you don't produce fat hormones and keep gaining weight.

Coach Tracie

**** Please note that the Belief Buster process, the Gratitude Journal and really most of the processes I use are a variation of Robert Smith's FEFT/Eutaptics method.


Tracie Irvine

Hear Tracie Irvine's story....Tracie learned to overcome the emotional, physical and relational traumas from her past that affected her life on a daily basis by using tools she learned from her Faster EFT certification and training in other healing methods.She also developed a non-dieting, non-exercise process for lasting weight loss and went from a size 16/18 to a size 4/6 and using the tools from her 'Living Free Technique', that she now practices exclusively.Tracie will work with you to change ALL the uncomfortable, troubling events from your past and current circumstances that are negatively affecting your life.We train you in the tools to help yourself and offer our Emotional Fitness Coaching services if you wish for someone to come along side you to help you along the way. Faster-EFT has helped individuals overcome years of addictions, PTSD, haunting memories, rape, feelings of hopelessness and depression, anger issues, fibromyalgia, and even physical pain from surgery and accidents!Every client we have worked with has dramatically improved the quality of their life as a result of our sessions. To that end, we GUARANTEE our work by offering a money back guarantee.* Using the tools we will share with you, you can begin focusing on what you enjoy in life and pursuing dreams, instead of allowing your circumstances to bog you down and interrupt your life. Any time you are feeling stressed, depressed, happy or angry your brain is sending your body signals to feel that way. If stressed or angry, you may feel your heart race or pressure in your head etc. If happy or elated, your brain commands your body to pump endorphins into the system telling you that you feel good.We will teach you now to interrupt those stressed messages from your brain so that you can think clearly and be in control instead of your emotions controlling you! You will be able to choose to focus on positive thoughts and events, instead of reacting to your perception of the negative.For us, focusing on the Jesus brings us peace and joy, so we focus on His teachings and make positive choices and steps in life. When we train you, you are free to choose whatever positive thoughts you want to occupy your days. Just clearing up your negative emotions will clear the way to allow you to discover a path of peace and hope. We never attempt to change your religious or non-religious beliefs, We only work within the individuals belief system. The focus is always on changing the negative emotional memories (negative charges) to past and present events/issues or and fears of the future."I (Tracie) no longer fill my days and nights with the question, "Why... did this or that happen to me?" Now I understand that the laws of the universe are such that we all have free-will. Sometimes my free will hurts others, and sometimes others free-will hurts me. Actually, I find my own free-will usually hurts me the most!! When I choose to focus on negative emotions and events, I hurt myself and those in relationship with me.Thanks to Faster EFT's integration into my 'Living Free Technique', I can release the negative emotional charges to the events in my past, present and future and move on with forgiveness and love for others and myself.Isn't it time you invested in yourself so that you can do the same?"* Again, every single person we've coached has improved the quality of their life. The only people we can't help are the ones that are not willing to follow our instructions. The process is neither difficult, nor hard to learn. In fact, even children old enough to obey simple instructions can do the processes. This works, period.Today is the day to invest in yourself. You will not only change your own life, you will impact the lives of all those around you too. Won't it be fun to hear what a pleasant, new person you are!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    No Diet Method Introduction

    • Introduction to the "No Diet Method"

  • 2

    Mind for Success Quick Start Video and Information

    • Mind For Success Navigation Video

    • Mind for Success Quick Start Video

    • How to get the most out of the program

  • 3


    • Mind for Success Introduction

    • "Living Free Technique"™ Intro Video

    • Integrating the "Living Free Technique"™

    • Two Perspectives of the World

    • Robert Smith Video - How the Mind Works

    • Your Amazing Brain

    • Your Memories Aren't Real Anymore

    • Your Reticular Activating System

    • How Does Your Subconscious Mind Work?

  • 4

    Daily Success Kit

    • Daily Checklist Quick Start

    • Morning Meditation

    • Daily Gratitude Journal

    • Gratitude Flip

    • Instant Success Tool

    • Evening Meditation

  • 5

    ABC's For Success

    • A = Awareness Process

    • B = Belief Buster

    • C = Control Release Process

  • 6

    Stress Relief = "Living Free Technique"™

    • "Living Free Technique"™

  • 7

    "No Diet Method" The Basics Week 1

    • Intro to Week 1

    • Reprogram Your Brain

    • Weekly Accountability

    • Recorded Q&A

    • Stress Relief Video

  • 8

    NDM Week 2 - Module 1

    • Beliefs

    • What IS a Belief?

    • Who's Minding the Mind?

    • How Stress Works

    • Where Did it Begin For You?

    • Identify Your Belief System

    • Do You Feel Safe Losing Weight?

    • Do You Fear Change?

    • Module 1 Review

    • Module 1 Reprogram Your Brain

    • Module 1 Weekly Accountability

    • Weekly Recorded Q&A

  • 9

    NDM Week 3 - Module 2

    • Practicing Gratitude

    • Get the Vision

    • Questions to Answer

    • Attitude to Gratitude

    • Living in the Now

    • Weekly Review

    • Reprogram Your Brain

    • Week 3 Q&A

  • 10

    NDM Week 4 - Module 3

    • Food Cravings Week!

    • Food Drivers

    • Weight Loss Pains

    • Food Cravings & Loathings

    • Creating Positive Cravings

    • Review Cravings Week

    • Brain Reprograming

    • Week 4 Recorded Q&A

  • 11

    NDM Week 5 - Module 4

    • Controlling Eating Habits

    • Eating Patterns

    • Controlled Eating

    • Perfect Eating Video

    • Review & Reprogram Your Brain

    • Weekly Accountability

    • Week 5 Recorded Q&A

  • 12

    NDM Week 6 - Module 5

    • Installing NEW Programs!

    • Self Control

    • Your Power

    • Releasing Toxic Control

    • Release Control Mind Movie

    • Review and Reprogram Your Brain

    • Week 6 Recorded Q&A

  • 13

    NDM Week 7 - Module 6

    • Addressing The Past

    • Exploring Past Pain

    • Past Influences

    • Self Esteem

    • True or False?

    • Weekly Review & Reprogram Your Brain

    • Week 7 Recorded Q&A

  • 14

    NDM Week 8 - Module 7

    • Feeling Better Inside

    • Reacting VS Responding

    • Guilt, Shame & Forgiveness

    • Weekly Review

    • Reprogram Your Brain

    • Week 8 Recorded Q&A

  • 15

    NDM Week 9 - Module 8

    • Creating our Mind for Success

    • Dealing with Disappointment

    • Weekly Review

    • Reprogram your Brain & video

    • Mirror Exercise

    • Week 9 Q&A

  • 16

    NDM Week 10 - Module 9

    • Creating YOUR No Diet System!

    • Designing your System

    • Healthy Eating Research

    • Accountability Questions

  • 17

    NDM Week 11- Module 10

    • Setting Realistic Goals

    • Goal Size Homework

    • Week 11 Review Questions

    • Reprogram Your Brain with video

    • Week 11 Q&A

  • 18

    NDM Week 12 - Final Week!

    • Seal Your Future

    • Your Future

    • Feelings About Your Future

    • Review & Reprogram Your Brain

    • Final Q&A

  • 19

    Connecting with our Creator

    • Connecting with our Creator

  • 20

    Weight Loss Help Videos

    • Helpful Weight Loss Videos